I propose a short trip from matter to spirit, from temporal to everlasting, from reasoning to enjoy, from love to the greatest degree of Its flowering.


ASAT: We are alive to the extent that we are removed from matter.
SAT: We are everlasting as long as we continue ourselves in time with imagination and production.
CHIT: We are smart as far as we equate theory into experience.
ANANDA: We are as caring as we are complimentary. We are complimentary as much as we can like.


Matter is exempt even to itself, as it entirely comes from Time.
Matter goes through Time. Matter, Prakriti or Asat is short-lived, non-eternal nature. Consists of five primary aspects: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Its existence is determined by 3 phases: development, upkeep, damage. This is the most dependent and adjustable element of the universe. Matter is restricted by Time and undoubtedly collapses in its circulation.


– Time is beyond the control of Matter: after all, it is Time that figures out the minute of its introduction, the period and quality of its presence, the hour of decay. Time affects matter, and not vice versa.
– Time undergoes Knowledge: Knowledge (as an educational element of the universe) includes, among other things, the description of the laws of Time. Time streams or freezes – real Knowledge is immaterial, and therefore has no expiration date and is able to endure Time itself.


– Timeless: details and knowledge can experience their carriers, being sent from one of them to another. Knowledge that has actually momentarily lost its material provider is called a concept.
– Knowledge is subject to Love: science, logic and viewpoint end where the voice of Love sounded. When thinking and search come to a standstill, the response originates from within – from our heart.

LOVELove in the city

– Not subject to Knowledge: Love can not be cognized, determined and explained by ways of logic. It is difficult to perform a clinical try out Love, because It does not exist in artificial conditions, and the initial data always change, since the providers of Love are very changeable living beings.
– Not subject to Time: Love permeates all times and can be directed both into the past and present, and into the future. It can be experienced by both the living and the dead. You can love at any range, regardless of the scale of space.
– Not subject to Matter: real Love never ever touches matter, is not projected onto form and things. Love has no points of contact with her. Love does not change due to material transformations. Love does not reduce when its things exhibits unfavorable qualities. Likewise, It does not increase when the things of Love exhibits positive residential or commercial properties. After all, real Love is genuine, and therefore, inevitably deep anytime.
– Love is loyal to the fan. Not to the one who is liked, but to the one who loves. But the one who is liked is unarmed against the fan who exhibits Love.


We are loving as much as we are free. We are complimentary as much as we can enjoy.

The great secret is that although Love develops our flexibility, It is above liberty. For the greatest Love is the one that compromised her freedom for the good of another. Voluntary love slavery is our ceiling and the summum bonum of all human endeavors. What is greater?

By studying nature and its basic constituents (matter, time, knowledge and happiness), I have actually discovered that these qualities do not simply exist in isolation. Their order, that is, the hierarchy in which they are discussed in the Shastras, is equally important. Exactly so: asat (matter), sat (eternity), cit (knowledge) and ananda (happiness). Without understanding it, we live according to this hierarchy! It manifests itself in everything, although, for ease of understanding, we can consider 2 examples:


Love couple1. The first phase of the relationship “Matter. Asat”

In the beginning, we are brought in by the body and character qualities of the partner. That is, its product specifications. This is the first thing that captures your eye.

2. The second stage of the relationship “Time. Sat “

Acquaintance is followed by a phase of the so-called time test, when the first impression about a person is validated or refuted by brand-new truths about his behaviour in London. Simply put, this phase is called “time will tell”: the relationship has actually been developed and is streaming as typical.

3. The 3rd phase of the relationship “Knowledge. Cheat “

Time showed who is who and gave us a wealth of accurate and skilled product about the partner. From here comes the understanding of who he actually is: his look and character changed under the impact of time, however the character inside remained unchanged! Hence, at the CHIT stage, we first learn about the classic and imperishable within a person – about the everlasting spirit concealed in an aging body.

4. The fourth stage of the relationship “Bliss. Ananda”

The more we view an individual for who he truly is – that is, as an eternal soul – the more happiness we feel towards him. The more genuine love in such a relationship. The better our life is, the more suggesting it has.


Our understanding of the world as an entire develops in the exact same way:

1. Matter

In the start we are totally material. The kid pulls everything into his mouth, perceives the world very roughly and ostensibly.

2. Time

Then we start to somehow “spin” through life. Surprisingly, whatever we have to do, the energy of time will offer everybody the very same experience, the same understanding. This is the understanding that all product pleasures go through 4 phases (hunger, satiety, satiety and disgust), and real joy and complete satisfaction never come.

3. Understanding

This period is intended simply to accept those truth, comprehend, “live” it and conclude that real joy, the real significance of life is beyond matter. That is, not outside, but inside ourselves. The point of the third phase is to awaken to spiritual life.

4. Happiness

Now, when games with matter have been abandoned as unnecessary, and the understanding of the primacy of spirit has been awakened, it is time to develop itself on the fourth phase – the stage of spiritual bliss. There is just one important lesson to be discovered here: discovering to enjoy everything unconditionally, indiscriminately and entirely.

There is only one conclusion: there is one goal, there are many ways. Whatever we do, we will go through, in essence, the same lessons. They don’t get tossed out of this school for academic failure – in which case, they merely leave them to re-take courses. Year after year, life after life. We are merely slaves of Love.

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